• Friday/Saturday - June 19/20 & 26/27 Mike Allen Quartet "Jam Session at The Patricia"

    Mike Allen-saxophones
    Sharon Minemoto-piano
    Steve Holy-bass
    Andrew Millar-drums

    10pm to 1am
    no cover
    403 East Hastings St-Vancouver
    (604) 255-4301
  • Thursday - June 25 Mike Allen Trio

    Mike Allen-saxophones
    Paul Rushka-bass
    Andrew Millar-drums

    8pm to 11pm
    Tangent Cafe 2095 Commercial Drive-Vancouver
    (604) 558-4641


  • Guest Soloist with the Victoria Jazz Orchestra - May 24 & 26

    May 24 at Colwood Vespers (7pm) http://www.colwoodanglican.ca/JazzVespers/jazzvespers.html
    and May 26 at Hermann’s (7:30pm) http://www.hermannsjazz.com/pages/calendar.cfm
    During the early part of his career living in NYC, Joe Henderson was part of group of musicians who met weekly to “work out” on their big band arrangements. It wasn’t until near the end of his career that Joe recorded what turned out to be the highly-acclaimed and influential album, “Joe Henderson Big Band” (Verve). On May 24 and 26 we will be performing selections from that album, and I’ll be “playing” Joe’s part, which involves lots of soloing.
    During my private studies with Joe in 1996/97 he often spoke with great enthusiasm about the big band album project he had just completed, and what a thrill it was to reach his goal. I have been a proponent of his playing and compositional style since the late 1980s and am truly honoured to have the opportunity to join the VJO, led by saxophonist (and former student) Monik Nordine, in paying tribute to Joe’s accomplishment. Monik is a very fine composer and arranger in her own right and a important figure on the Victoria jazz scene.

  • Yanagisawa Artist

    After 30 years with Selmer saxophones, Mike is now playing and endorsing Yanagisawa saxophones: Tenor-991-S, Alto-991-S and Soprano-991-S models, and enhanced by solid silver neck pipes on both tenor and alto.

    “Yanagisawa saxophones are beautifully crafted instruments that play in tune and encourage a full, personal sound.”
    -Mike Allen